Alan Saxon

"Bermuda Grass is an above par round of entertainment" Midwest Book Review

"For golfers, this novel is a hole in one." Philadelphia Daily News

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Merlin Richards

"A carefully researched book, looking at the quixotic genius of Frank Lloyd Wright." Booklist

"Miles delivers the goods in a can't-put-down adventure that is incisive, bold and entertaining." The Drood Review of Mystery

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"A brilliant new book about prisons" Daily Express

"Book of the week." The Times, 28 Feb 2009

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Prison Drawing on files at the National Archives, this is a compelling history of that most feared institution - the prison. It begins in medieval times when gaols were often located in castles or gatehouses and when their function was simply to detain prisoners until their trial. It was only centuries later that imprisonment was itself the punishment. Prison reformers like John Howard and Elizabeth Fry are reassessed. The shocking story of the prison hulks is investigated and the suffering endured by women prisoners throughout the ages is also highlighted. Wartime prisoners - whether enemies or conscientious objectors - are examined and so is the long saga of execution.

"A brilliant new book about prisons."
Daily Express

"Book of the Week."
The Times, 28 February 2009

"Utterly compelling."
New Statesman

"Enlightening and well-written."
Law Society Gazette

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