"A lively, fast-moving tale of medieval England" Publishers Weekly

"Vivid characters, rich historical detail and energetic writing." Kirkus Reviews

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Nicholas Bracewell

"Steeped in authentic Elizabethan detail" Booklist

"A visit from this delightfully contentious troupe is always a blessing" New York Times

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Conrad Allen

"A clever and amusing tale of sea-bound adventure." Chicago Sun-Times

"First-class entertainment" Publishers Weekly

"Great reading" Library Journal

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Miscellaneous publications

Saratoga (David Garland)
Valley Forge (David Garland)

Gunter Grass : a critical study (Keith Miles)
Ambridge Summer (Keith Miles)
The Warrior Kings (Keith Miles)
We'll Meet Again (Keith Miles)
Breaks (Keith Miles)
The Finest Swordsman in All France (Keith Miles)

Coming of Age (Christopher Mountjoy)
Queen and Country (Christopher Mountjoy)
The Honourable Member (Christopher Mountjoy)

Not For Glory, Not For Gold (Keith Miles)
Action Scene : Skydive (Keith Miles)
Action Scene : Bushranger (Keith Miles)
Action Scene : Seabird (Keith Miles)
Action Scene : Snowstorm (Keith Miles)
Action Scene : Frontier (Keith Miles)

Jahangir and the Khan Dynasty (Keith Miles/Rahmat Khan)
Sin Bin : Iggy (Keith Miles)
Sin Bin : Melanie (Keith Miles)
Sin Bin : Tariq (Keith Miles)
Sin Bin : Bev (Keith Miles)
Sportsline : Death Vault (Keith Miles)
Sportsline : Fast Wheels (Keith Miles) (Keith Miles)
The Rugby Handbook (Keith Miles)

Touch Play (Martin Inigo)
Stone Dead (Martin Inigo)

City Hospital : New Blood (Keith Miles)
City Hospital : Flames (Keith Miles)
City Hospital : Fever (Keith Miles)
City Hospital : Emergency (Keith Miles)
City Hospital : Coma (Keith Miles)
City Hospital : Target (Keith Miles)
City Hospital : Stress (Keith Miles)
City Hospital : X-Ray (Keith Miles)
City Hospital : High Rise (Keith Miles)
City Hospital : Heart Rate (Keith Miles)

Short stories

BBC Morning Story
Capital Radio - Moments of Terror
Times Anthology of Ghost Stories
Exciting Escape Stories
Royal Crimes
Malice Domestic Anthology 6
Crime Through Time - Volume 1
Crime Through Time - Volume 2
Shakespearean Detectives / More Shakespearean Whodunnits
Past Crimes (CWA Anthology)
Mammoth Book of Royal Whodunnits
Murder Through the Ages
Past Poisons
Murder Most Medieval
Murder Most Postal
Mammoth Book of Roaring Twenties
Mammoth Book of Locked Room Mysteries and Impossible Crimes
Best British Mysteries 2004
Best British Mysteries 2005
Best British Mysteries 2006
Mammoth Book of Jacobean Murders
Thou Shalt Not Kill
Missing Persons (CWA Anthology)
Green For Danger (CWA Anthology)
Crime on the Move (CWA Antholoy)
Much Ado About Murder
Mammoth Book of Comic Crime
Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine
The Strand Magazine
The Mammoth Book of Dickensian Whodunnits
Murder Past, Murder Present

Murder Ancient and Modern - 18 stories by Edward Marston

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Nicholas Bracewell
Inspector Colbeck
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Home Front Detective
Dillman and Masefield
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Alan Saxon
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Merlin Richards
Writing as Keith Miles
Murder Ancient and ModernEdward Marston and Judith Cutler, author of twenty crime novels with a contemporary setting, compare techniques for writing about crime in the past and in the present. Their talk has been given at several bookshops and writers' groups in the UK and in America.
Murder Ancient and Modern is available for hire. Send an email to the address at the bottom of the page to request more information.

"Two of the most entertaining speakers on the crime writing circuit." Raw Edge Magazine

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